Success in network marketing starts here

If you have been trying to make money from home online through network marketing (also known as multilevel marketing, or MLM for short) then you know for sure now that your success starts from your business leads.

Of course you need to learn all about your business opportunity and the product(s) your company is built on, but with all the knowledge in your head without leads you make no money whatsoever.

success-in-network-marketingThe problem is not only the leads, it’s the quality of those leads.

Have you tried buying leads? You must have realized by now that most of the leads will deny requesting any information about any business opportunities.

When I first started with network marketing I bought leads and had 3-way-calls with them and my upline trying to get them to join our business.

I can tell you it sucked big time!

Not a single lead converted, and most of them were not reachable by phone or email.

I only started to see success and convert my leads into downline when I started generating those leads myself.

My First Success in Network Marketing

I built a web page and on it I pitched the readers into joining my business and provided them with an optin form.

Then I sent some traffic to that page and leads started to show up. This time I didn’t get that much help from my upline. Instead I prepared my script and started contacting them by email first then by phone.

I still remember the name of the nice lady how was the first to joined my business; Yvonne. She joined, as per her own words, because of the nice way I put it. She was the first lead I’d ever generated and she was my first paid sign up ever. That motivated me to do more and I did.

Regardless of the way I put it, if she was not genuinely interested in a home based business she wouldn’t have answered my phone in the first place.

My success back then started by generating my own leads.

A while later I realized that I am wasting my time and effort trying to build a network for someone else’s business and started putting those efforts into building an automated system that makes me money every time I send an email to my list.

But that’s another story for another day. Let’s focus now on your success in network marketing.

How you can succeed in network marketing

You see, my success in network marketing started by “building a list” of people interested in my business then contacting them with more information and a pitch.

So what you need to do is to know your company, the product, how it will change people’s life, and who might want it. Read every thing you have been given by the company (not your upline).

This preparation also includes that you know the objections that people would have to your product and company and prepare your answers.

Parallel to that start building your list of prospects. The process will be explained below in a minute, but for now let’s say your leads started to show up in your autoresponder account.

The first thing they get should be an acknowledgement email that you received their request and that you’ll contact them shortly. This should be received within seconds of signing up to receive more information about your business.

You don’t have to babysit your autoresponder to respond to everyone on time, your autoresponder will do that for you.

Your interference will come when you check on your stats and see those leads showing up in your account.

You should have captured there best phone number and the best time to call. Check your time, and their time zone to make sure you are calling them when they asked to be called (if you ignore this one your prospect will not appreciate anything you have to offer, respect their privacy).

Now start calling those who requested to be called at the time you checked. The purpose of this call is to build rapport with them not to sell them anything. Just ask general questions about them (no private questions) and their motive to work from home (or start a business), their expectations. Then tell them about your story and the success you’ve reached so far (if any, don’t make up anything).

At the end of this short call if you have a video presentation recording you can tell them you will send them the link by email (your autoresponder should have done that for you already) and set an appointment to call back after they watch it to answer their questions. If your company or team runs live presentations invite them to the best time for them and show up with them on the presentation then follow that by a call to answer their questions.

Answering their questions is where you’ll be addressing their objections. If you are ready with an answer that will help you a lot. If not, add that new one to your list of objections and set another appointment to have a 3 way call with someone you know can help. If you know your upline will screw it up for you don’t even let them know. Find the answer yourself instead (search it, ask on forums … etc.)

The more leads you acquire and call the more “on the job training” you will get and the more people will join your business. Don’t rush it and don’t stress yourself over your conversion. Even with the best sales people there is room for improvement.

The important thing now is to start taking action. The faster you start the more likely you’ll get there.

I can not make any guarantees, except that I guarantee you will make no money and will have no one joining your business if you do nothing with what you’ve learned from this simple post.

Now let’s get to how to do it.

How to Build your own Lead Generation System for your Network Marketing Business

First you need two tools to build the lead capture system:

1. A web page, and

2. An autoresponder.

Before you bounce back and say “I can’t do that” think again.

Back when I started I had to learn html and code my web pages from scratch. But that was back in 2006. Now you don’t need to know anything about coding or have any technical skills. If you know how to type, copy/paste your good to go.

So let’s set up your lead suction system for you.

First go to iPage and pick a template, fill the blanks, upload your photo, and publish. It’s self explanatory so I don’t think I need to go over any instructions here.

Click here to get your first web page built. 

The content should have a headline about the opportunity, a sub-title that states some benefits, then your picture and bullet points of the details of the benefits you mentioned in the sub-title. Don’t worry much about it as you can change it later, just get your website up and fix the content later as you go (you’ll learn more about your company and your people to fix your lead capture page every day if you wish).

Important: Don’t get the free version. There will be a banner at the bottom of the screen (not the page, the screen … it will be taking a part of the screen all the time as people scroll up and down) that screams “forget about everything above just click me and build your own website”! You don’t want that, you want your page to look as professional as possible with zero distractions. Don’t worry about the cost, it’s less than $10/month, and you can reduce that significantly if you get the annual plan.

Another option: If you don’t want to have anything to do with building your web page with Sitey (not judging you though :-)) you can try this service from 99 Design where someone will design and build your page for you.

Secondly you need the lead capture form. You can get that from an autoresponder. There are many out there but only a few will get your emails actually delivered to the inbox of the prospect. I am using Aweber, but you can also use iContact (cheaper and as good). You can use it for free for the first 30 days, so sign up for the free trial and give yourself the chance to test it before you start paying.

Click here to sign up to

The cost will be $10/monthly after the end of the trial period.

After you sign up come back here and watch the following video to learn how to set up your account. Two notices though; when they say “logo” in the video replace that with your personal photo that you uploaded to your website, and the billing information can wait until close to the end of the trial period (unless you choose the paid option from the beginning).

Then to create a lead capture form watch this video:

Note, the thank you page and the confirmation page could be created on your website easily, publish them and get the urls to use with the form creating. Also you need to ask for name, email, phone number, time zone, and the best time to call.

Now you have the code for the lead capture form ready, go to your website builder and paste it (in the code mode) at the end of the page after you pitch a good call to action, like “Fill the form the below to learn more about how my business can help you achieve financial freedom”.

Now you want people to see your lead capture page so that they sign up and become “leads”.

How to Drive Traffic to your Lead Capture System

There are many ways to drive traffic to this page, but I will focus on one you can do using the coupons you will get from Sitey (yes you get coupons to use in advertising on Facebook).

REQUEST: If by the time you join Sitey they have a coupon for something else other than Facebook please come back and state that in the comment section so that I update this post for you and other readers.

So go to Facebook and build a Fan Page about your business.

Watch this video and follow along:

On the fan page post some posts about your business (keep them shorter than 3 lines) and the link of your website, which is mainly your domain name.

Then take the coupon code from your Sitey and use it to set up an advertiser account on Facebook. They still require you to enter a credit card to bill later after the coupon is consumed. But don’t worry about that, keep your ad budget below the value of your coupon and stop the ads right before you reach that value. Only resume the advertising after you see money showing up from your business.

Use the ads to send traffic to your Fan Page posts individually, it’s cheaper than sending them straight to your website.

To set up ad advertising account watch this video:

That’s it for now. If you have any questions please use the comments section below to ask and I’ll try to answer them within 24 hours.

And to get faster updates about list building and lead generation like us on Facebook here.

Good luck.

A new way to monetize list building

Building a targeted list could be very costly. This requires you start earning right off the bat to cover your expenses. Depending on the market you are in you can monetize the process of list building itself and cover your expenses, or even make money, before you start marketing to your list.

The method described below is used by CPA arbitrage masters. You must have seen one of those free gift cards offers in your email or advertised on a website you visited. Those offers are the front end of CPA arbitrage funnels.

The system is basically a bait-and-switch method modified to look a little more ethical. Here is how it works.

Let’s take a free McDonalds gift card offer as an example. Funnels starts with a $50 McDonald’s gift card and you need to enter your email to continue. Sometimes this is preceded by a question like “which is your favorite: McDonalds or Burger King”? It doesn’t matter, all what the system needs from you is your email.

Once this is done your email is added to a list of people who consume junk food. This alone puts your email on an automated follow up with offers like junk food coupons and such. The next step is another qualifier.

After the email submit you are required to respond to some free trial offers. Two things happen here:

1. The marketer behind the CPA arbitrage funnel makes money to cover the cost for acquiring your email and the gift card in case you qualify, and spare some money in the process.

2. Based on the free trial offers that you will respond to your email is now added to a list of people interested in that market. Say you responded to a skin care and weight loss supplements free trials. This qualifies you for receiving more offers in the skin care and weight loss niches. Now the marketer knows what you want and will send it to you by email. This ensures higher response to their email marketing efforts.

You see, the whole process is funded on step #2 (the free trial offers page). These offers are CPA offers, and the front page (the free McDonald’s gift card page) is a CPA offer that could come from the same network. The marketer behind the funnel pays about $3 for acquiring the email and gets paid about $80 for the free trial offers. Take $50 for the gift card value that’s $27 in profit. What an ROI for just building a list!

The problem with this kind of lists is that they don’t respond that much. Compare this list with a list you’ve built with a launch of a product that created buzz and spread a lot of good will in the community. The latter list could stay responsive for years to come, while the list built with the CPA arbitrage method might be responsive for a month or two at most.

It’s a quick earner for sure.


What is a Mailing List

In the world of online business the mailing list is a list of previous or potential customers or clients who agreed to receive promotional messages messages from your business or company. This list includes the contact name of the person or entity and a method of contact such as email, phone, or physical address.

Throughout this website when a “mailing list” is mentioned it will mean both email and physical address.

This kind of business asset is your most precious one. Those are all potential future buyers who can make your business money on demand. Think of all the businesses you’ve dealt with as a customer who got you to opt in their email list at the check out and have a look at the kind of emails you are receiving from them. They are all either discounts or events, and in both cases if you respond by going to their store or website you end up buying something or adding it to your wish-list.

And this is, my friend, how they make money on demand just by sending out an email to their base of loyal customers.

Now think about this last phrase for a second. If you are not a loyal customer would they make any money out of you by sending this email? Would you opt in to receive their email although you know it’s sole purpose is to get you to buy more things from them if you are not a happy customers?

The reason most email lists grow old and people stop responding, or even opening, the emails is that in most cases they are treated bad. It this contest I mean you get them to sign up to your list and all what they get from you is buy this, buy this, buy this. When it comes to virtual businesses, and especially when it comes to info products, all what they wanted to get from your list is more information from the expert they think you are. When they end up getting only promotions and no new info they lose interest in you.

Another aspect that needs to be considered is the type of people on your list. If you look carefully at the check out list building example above you’ll find that they are all proven buyers. They are signing up to the mailing list at the point of paying for the stuff they already purchased. If those prospects signed up at the point of entering the store and they left without buying anything for any unsatisfying reason would they be considered loyal customers?

If you compare that with the virtual world it will be like the exit pops that collect the info of the bouncing page visitors. They are leaving because they are not happy for any reason like the price or the product itself. Collecting their info is a waste of resources because you pay for the auto-responder based on the number of opt ins. If you’d collect those bouncing visitors I suggest you use a free auto-responder becaue they are low quality and might not be worth it to pay for hosting this kind of list.

Or use a different strategy. Instead of just collecting their info by giving them something for free that has no real value (like a pdf version of the sales copy) offer them something discounted that is not the main item they were looking at. This way if they decide to take it they opt in your list as buyers. And if they like what you gave them they are become loyal customers.

What you do with the list afterwords will affect their loyalty, so be careful what you send them.

5 Internet Marketing Strategies to Boost Efficiency

TJ Philpott
March 25, 2011

The internet marketing strategies you use should not only be effective but also help you increase efficiency as well. Operating an internet marketing business involves many functions and tasks so wherever and whenever you can increase efficiency you should strive to do so. The name of the game online is to first increase your web presence so that you have an audience to which you can promote. Gaining this exposure is very important, does take effort and can be time consuming, so you want to work as efficiently as possible

Here are 5 strategies you can use to expand your web presence in order to promote your internet marketing business to others in an efficient manner!


Blogs are great platforms off of which you can promote an internet marketing business as well as interact with visitors to get their feedback! A blog also offers you the opportunity to add fresh content, and easily, as much as you like. This is important since search engines love fresh content and you in turn will love both the exposure and traffic you will receive as a result!

Submit Articles

Submitting articles online is another great way to not only increase your web presence but also build valuable back links to your site. Most directories have high page ranks and when they publish your article they also are linking to your site. This happens because you have placed a link to your site in the resource box of the article you submitted! In addition you can use your articles as blog posts as well which helps you increase efficiently and that is what it is all about!

Free Giveaways

You can offer free giveaways on your blog or on a squeeze page you are using to build a list. You are building a list right? Of course the ‘gift’ you offer will once again be linked to your business site and you will also want to encourage others to share the gift with their friends. Remember the articles you are submitting? Well you can direct people to your squeeze page with the link in your resource box and here again you will be boosting your web presence and increase efficiency at the same time!

Signature File

As you navigate around online and get involved in social sites, forums, sending emails or even blog commenting always leave a signature file. This simply reflects your name, company name and of course your link. This is you calling card and you want to leave it everywhere when the opportunity presents itself!

RSS Feeds

Make available on your blog an RSS feed tab so that people can easily follow your updates. Be sure to place this tab prominently so that visitors do not have to go searching for it therefore it is recommended to position it at the top of the page! The easier it is for someone to subscribe to your feed the greater chance of their return and this will lead, hopefully, to loyalty which then leads to referrals. Now you have one simple tab that will help expand your web presence on a viral basis! Can you spell efficiency?

The internet marketing strategies reviewed above all target helping you to increase efficiency when working online without sacrificing effectiveness! To be successful an internet marketing business must establish a web presence in order to have an audience to which it can promote. Equally important is that when working online you must make the best use of your time since there will be many demands for it. Working as efficient as possible but in an effective manner is therefore the key. The strategies reviewed above serve as suggestions as to ways in which you can accomplish just that!


Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are systems where you are asked to browse to other people’s websites and you earn credits or points that count towards other people who have signed up for the same traffic exchange to need to visit your website. Here is a short list of reasons that I believe you should avoid traffic exchanges:

  1. Some people use automated programs to earn extra credits, so your website wont even get seen by a real person in those cases.
  2. The traffic you get is not targeted traffic. In fact it is worse than that, it’s traffic from people who are visiting your site mainly for the reason of getting people to visit their website. In other words, your visitors are not motivated to buy your product.
  3. Time is money and wasting time looking at other peoples websites, so that they will look at yours, could be better spent promoting your website in other ways.
  4. You can’t run Adsense on your site if you use a Traffic Exchange, because it is against Google’s Terms of Service for Adsense to use a Traffic Exchange program.

To learn more about how to monetize the traffic exchange visits to your site check out my other site dedicated only to how to make money with traffic exchange and other click-for-traffic programs.

Link Farms

A link farm is a website whose purpose is for constructing links between member sites. For example, a link farm will create a link page that needs to be on all of its members pages. This can be spotted by Search Engines. Some link farms now have multiple link pages to make it harder for the Search Engines to spot. However, this technique is sure to be caught at some time. Link Farms should be avoided as they are a violation of most Search Engines policies, their use may hurt your site link popularity, and may result in a ranking penalty. I do not recommend using them.

Don’t confuse link farms with blogrolls. A blogroll is a list of other blogs that you link to from your blog. While many times blogrolls contain reciprocal links, blogrolls are in no way, shape, or form the same as a link farm.

At one point in time, many Search Engines were not fond of interlinking all your websites together. However, with the advent of blogs that has all changed. Several years ago when I was monitoring baby related search terms weblogsinc kept showing up in the results. When I looked at their blog network, I was just SURE that they were going to be banned by google for excessive interlinking of sites. But they never were banned! Realizing the power of being able to interlink all your blogs together (wheter related or unrelated) without a Search Engine penalty I decided to see if I liked blogging. It turned out that I did enjoy blogging and started building a blog network of my own.

To summarize:

link farms bad, blogrolls good

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PPC (Pay per Click) vs. Buying Links

Now we are done talking about thing to avoid in SEO and web promotion. We are moving on to a new topic:

PPC vs. Link buying

Another way to get links is to buy them. It might make sense, but spending your money on Pay-Per-Click advertising like Bing and Facebook PPC might make more sense. It just depends on your budget and goals. The big advantage of paying for links is that it not only increases your website visitors by getting traffic from visitors of the website you are advertising on, but it also could help your Search Engine Rankings. The problem is that it is considered spam by search engines, and when discovered the site will be penalized.

The big advantage of Pay Per Click advertising, is that you are only paying for actual visitors to your website. In the case of buying links or banner space on other people’s sites, you don’t know how much traffic you will get from the links. Also, paying for links is harder to quantify in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). My recommendation is that if you choose to buy links, be sure to buy links that are likely to bring traffic to your website, and be sure to shop around for good deals.

If you want to buy links primarily to raise your Search Engine ranking then I recommend you purchase links from directories. Shop around for the best deals, but also be sure to buy links from the more prominent directories. In the case of directories, you aren’t really buying the links per say, you are spending money to get your site reviewed by an editor of the directory. If the editor believes that your site is acceptable they will include it.

I personally have never had a problem getting my sites listed in directories, but if you were to submit an evil web portal or spam site I would NOT expect it to get listed in many directories.

Finding Good Deals on Paid Links

The best deals for paid links are links that require a one time fee or a low annual fee. These links can often be obtained by:

1.Joining trade associations.
2.Sponsoring or supporting 501c organizations.
3.Sponsoring other websites.
4.Paid directory inclusion.

Trade Associations
Finding trade associations related to your business and joining them can help your business in many ways. Most trade associations have pages that list their members and include a link to their members websites. Getting involved in your community also helps you promote your site in other ways.

Sponsoring or Supporting Websites
Many 501c websites allow people to donate money to their organization to become a sponsor or supporter. On many of these sites you will get a link to your website. Sponsoring sites that will link back to your site for a small donation can be an excellent way to buy links that point to your website and in addition you are helping out the site you sponsor.

Paid Directory Inclusion
Many directories require payment to be included in their directory. Usually the payment is a one time editorial fee to determine if your site is appropriate for their directory. Directoriy links can be an excellent deal. Don’t just look for general directories, also look for industry specific directories. Many times industry specific directories will bring you more traffic, because people use them to find businesses in your area of expertise. At least I have found this to be the case for our sites. Also, some Search Engine’s (Google) might not look at a link from a directory as being nearly as important as a link from another site.

Links from Link Brokers
Text link brokers (sites that manage the buying and selling of text links) offer monthly payment programs, where you pay for a text link for one month on a particular related website. These programs will give you a variable degree of traffic. I can’t recommend one broker over another. However, I can say that some Search Engines (like Google) are trying to discount paid links for Search Engine ranking purposes.

My personal plan is to spend a very minimal amount of money on link building, mostly focused on a few related directory submissions. These days I prefer to spend my time and money on other methods of promotion. When you are first starting out and/or when you are running a strictly ecommerce site, spending money on links can help get you noticed.

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Final Notes on Paid Links

The traffic you get from paid links will vary greatly. In some cases when you pay for links, you will get a lot of traffic in other cases you won’t. Paid links will help your search rankings in some Search Engines.

Some people are against buying links, but it’s not really different than spending money on PPC advertising. It’s just another method of promoting your website. It has it’s pros and cons. Be sure to research ahead of time how to make the best use of any budget you set aside for buying links. Every link you get has a price, whether it be the time you spent writing content that people linked to, or the time you spent finding reciprocal link partners, or the time you spent commenting on blogs, etc. Every link has a price, you have to decide what is the price you are willing to pay for the traffic you get and how to best make use of your advertising budget. It isn’t always easy and takes time to figure out.

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Choosing an SEO Expert

You may decide that you don’t have time to optimize your site and would prefer to hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert.

One important thing to note is that the best SEO expert’s websites don’t always show up first in the search rankings.Sometimes SEO experts who show up top in the rankings have clients who don’t.

The reason for this is that a really good SEO expert may be too busy to keep his website in the top of rankings, because he is busy getting and keeping his customer’s websites in the top of the rankings.

When you choose an SEO expert make sure that they can show you that their client websites are getting good traffic from their work and that their clients are happy with them. Ask them if you can contact their clients for references. If they give you the run around, then YOU should run … run to find someone else.

Google® has some good recommendations for what to look for when hiring an SEO expert, so I suggest you look at their information:

The general idea is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You may also want to look at hiring Website Promotion or Search Engine Marketing expert as opposed to a strictly Search Engine Optimization expert. It is best to get traffic from a variety of sources and not rely totally on the Search Engines. Search Engine Marketers and Web Promotion experts focus on the whole picture and not just the SEO.